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Enigitix web 27.06.17EnigtiX - The hardware-based security module

What is EnigtiX?

In the age of IoT (Internet of Things), networked industrial production (Smart Factories), networked vehicles, as well as Smart Home Systems, there is a special need for secure communication over the internet. Application examples could be online shopping, e-mail / data transfer, online banking or the administration of hospitals in hospitals. It is also important to protect the precious ideas of companies.

The exclusive use of encryption software comes with the risk that an attacker will find and exploit the for coding necessary software keys stored on the smartphone.
An already patent-pending security system called EnigtiX which is currently in the prototype phase provides protection and security in that matter. EnigtiX prevents cyber attacks using a combination of software and tamper-proof hardware and thus ensures secure communication with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Data communication takes place wirelessly for example via Bluetooth, WLAN or NFC.
Such a security module is easy to use and does not use any other hardware on the mobile devices, so the user does not experience any change in user behavior when operating the smartphone.

 Enigitix Detail web 27.06Features and functions of EnigtiX, such as the fingerprint sensor

Furthermore an identification using biometric features such as a fingerprint or iris scan can be utilized to increase the security even further.
The hardware-based security module may be incorporated into other devices, e.g. a Smart Watch, a car key or a USB stick.

EnigtiX in practical application

Smart Home

Enigitix Smarthome web 27.06.17EnigtiX in the Smart Home – Application

A smart home is a living space where household- and multimedia devices interact and also be remotely controlled by the user. For example lighting, heating, video surveillance and music can be adapted to one´s own needs via a tablet or smartphone, both at home and on the road. A smart home increases the quality of living, saves time and ensures efficient use of energy.
But the new technology also raises an important question: How secure is the Smart Home System? In this context, EnigtiX ensures secure, encrypted communication, so that hacker attacks are reliably fended.

Smart Car

Enigitix SmartCar web 27.06.17EnigtiX in the Smart Car - Application

The networking car is no longer a future vision. For several years now, the technology in cars has become increasingly intelligent. There are already information- and communication systems, such as navigation services and the linking of the car with mobile devices in the car. Networking with road traffic and infrastructure as well as driver assistance systems help to relieve the driver.
In the future, the smart car will develop into an autonomous vehicle. Also networking with the environment will become more evident. A new approach is the communication of the vehicles among themselves ("Car2Car"), as well as with their surroundings ("Car2X"). The more networking and communication takes place, the greater attack surface for criminals.


Enigitix cloud Unternehmen 15.07.17 webEnigtiX in the Cloud - Application

Companys are increasingly operating globally in a dynamic and unpredictable environment. This requires enormous flexibility and agility. Clouds enable companies to access their data at any time and from anywhere.
With EnigtiX the exchange of highly sensitive data using a cloud is secure due to the combination of software and tamper-proof hardware.

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